Cannabinoid Tips from Hemp CEOs

CEOs of major hemp companies deny the use of cannabis to get rid of the image of drug dealers. However, the directors of several medium-sized enterprises do not hide their love for marijuana and openly talk about how and why they take cannabinoids.

Cannabis against attention deficit disorder

Max Simon, director of California-based Green Flower, uses 3-5 mg of THC every morning before work and takes several microdoses of cannabinoid throughout the day. He uses the substance to treat attention deficit disorder, as traditional drugs do not help cope with the symptoms of the disease. According to Max, TGC helps focus attention. He does not prohibit subordinates from smoking marijuana if this does not prevent them from working.

Cannabinoids as a dietary supplement

The founder of Grasslands, an American company, Ricardo Baca begins the morning with a multicannabinoid complex consisting of a capsule with pure CBD and a tincture that contains several cannabinoids (mainly CBD). Baka perceives hemp as a biologically active food supplement that helps him cope with stress. Thanks to cannabinoids, he was able to reduce the volume of coffee consumption and increase the level of performance. Ricardo does not take THC during work and believes that this substance was created for use in a comfortable home environment. But Baka is always not averse to tasting the products of his clients at the workplace if they insist on it.

Cannabis for Anxiety Disorder

Founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Apothecary, Whitney Butte, is suffering from an anxiety disorder. To treat the disease, she smokes marijuana with a high concentration of CBD, since a large dose of THC can trigger an anxiety attack. Butti usually uses cannabis before meetings and conferences. On weekdays, Whitney uses CBD fluids for vaporizers. According to her, cannabidiol helps reduce anxiety caused by busy work schedules and traffic jams. In the morning, she adds tincture with CBD and THC to coffee in a ratio of 18: 1.

Marijuana Boosts Creativity

Kikoko co-founder Amanda Jones came up with the concept of a marketing campaign with Sympa-tea, which contains turmeric, ginger, 3 mg THC and 20 mg CBD. Jones saw all the surrounding objects in the yellow spectrum and decided to use this color in product design. In her opinion, 3 mg of THC is the optimal dosage to stimulate creativity. However, during working hours, she does not take more than 1 mg of THC so as not to lose vigilance. Amanda believes that cannabinoid is best consumed in the evening because at this time the substance most liberates the mind. Therefore, most often she takes 6-7 mg of THC at 18:00. To solve production problems, Jones consumes up to 10 mg of THC and then discusses the situation with his business partner Jennifer Chapin.