In Thailand, a new variety of marijuana

The variety is called Issara 01, which translates from Thai as “freedom.”

Varieties of marijuana often come up with colorful and funny names, sometimes forgetting that this plant not only enhances mood. For some, including the Thai government, cannabis is still medicine. And medicines often give freedom to chronically ill people.

Last week, scientists at Maejo University in Chiang Mai announced that they introduced a new cannabis variety specifically for the state medical marijuana program. To obtain it, the local variety was crossed with a northern foreign one and named it Issara 01, which translates as “freedom” or “independence”.

Issara 01 has the same amount of THC and CBD. In the United States, cannabidiol has become popular as a non-intoxicating “cure for all diseases,” and it does have anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties. THC, which affects the cognitive abilities of patients, has the same medical benefits as CBD. According to research, CBD is most effective together with THC, which is why the Thai government called for a state variable with the same content of both components.

Now Thai medical marijuana is not distributed in the form of jambs or deb. From it makes a thick, crude oil, which is issued only to chronically or seriously ill patients in public hospitals. Thailand’s medical marijuana program was far ahead of similar programs in other countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, where hospital staff cannot prescribe most cannabis-based medicines. Nevertheless, the country lags behind in other aspects, as can be seen from the temporary ban on home cultivation of hemp. However, the state will further allow this, if the medical marijuana program is successful and nothing unexpected happens.

“These are historical events: the first steps to allowing everyone to grow up to six cannabis bushes,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul. “The university will become a center where ordinary people can learn how to plant and to grow quality cannabis. Cannabis is not a political issue, but a product that can have a beneficial effect on people’s health. In the near future, families will be able to plant it in the backyard like any other herbs. “

Cannabis cultivation complex at Maejo University – the largest in Thailand. Its area covers a little more than 12 km2, and 12,000 bushes of medical hemp grow on the territory. It is expected that it will yield a crop of about 2.6 tons. The university is currently working on a new species, Maejo 01, based solely on local varieties.

“If the plantation license is approved, we plan to expand the area for hemp cultivation. Most likely, the soil is suitable for all local varieties that can be found in many parts of the country,” said Arnat Tancho, director of the agricultural research center at Maejo University. “We also we’ll continue to analyze and select the most suitable varieties for specific medical tasks. “