The number of visits to psychiatric hospitals due to the use of hemp increased by 185

Employees at Trinity College in Dublin published an article stating that in Ireland there is an increase in cannabis consumption and increased health risks for citizens.

Marijuana smokers are more likely to seek medical help

The researchers analyzed the information obtained during the national polls and the database of Irish medical institutions. As a result, it was possible to find out that in the period from 2008 to 2016:

  1. the number of cases of treatment in clinics due to the use of cannabis increased by 90%;
  2. Cannabis caused hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals 185% more often;
  3. the number of marijuana addicts among adolescents and youth (up to 34 years old) increased by 40% and 168%, respectively;
  4. every 28th Irishman under the age of 34 is addicted to hemp.

The consequences of cannabis abuse

According to researchers, smoking marijuana can lead to psychosis in adults, and the likelihood of the disease manifesting itself depends on the dosage of THC: the more cannabinoid, the higher the chances of a psychotic reaction. Cannabis use in adolescence has a negative impact on the development of cognitive functions, and can also cause depression and suicidal tendencies.

The authors of the work drew attention to the fact that an increase in the number of cases of referring to hospitals occurred against the background of an increase in the concentration of THC in marijuana. Cannabis consumption has grown because society has ignored the health risks associated with regular marijuana smoking.

Young people need to be informed about the dangers of cannabis abuse

College experts believe that the Irish have formed a positive image of cannabis, as media are actively campaigning to convince politicians and the public of the medicinal potential of the plant. Researchers note that media portals do not disseminate reliable information about the health effects of cannabinoids. Therefore, they propose to launch a program to inform citizens about the consequences of smoking marijuana with the participation of doctors.

Ireland plans to decriminalize cannabis

In 2018, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said the government was considering decriminalizing the storage and use of hemp. He noted that the plant was decriminalized in all US states on the west coast and in Portugal. According to Varadkar, cannabis needs to be moved from criminal justice to healthcare. Now a group of state experts is developing an optimal strategy for decriminalizing hemp based on foreign experience.

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