The Ukrainian party Servant of the people has developed a law on the legalization of medical hemp

The Ukrainian party “Servant of the people”, which controls 254 out of 450 seats in the Verkhovna Rada, has developed law on the legalization of medical hemp. The normative act will be introduced by parliamentarians in the coming months.

Many MPs support lifting the ban on medical cannabis

The author of the bill was a member of the Servant of the People faction Geo Leros. Deputy Yevgenia Kravchuk said that many parliamentarians are ready to support the initiative. Her colleagues from the Party “Servant of the People” intend to register a normative act and advocate lifting the ban on the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. The text of the document has already been prepared but has not yet been published, so the specific information about the law is unknown.

The previous normative act providing for the legalization of medical hemp was sent to the Verkhovna Rada in May 2019. The project was approved by the Human Rights Committee and reviewed at five plenary meetings, but was withdrawn on August 29. Former Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun blamed the blocking of reform on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular, on the head of the department Arsen Avakov.

Who can get medical marijuana?

Candidate of Medical Sciences Viktor Sidorenko expressed his opinion on the legalization of cannabis in Ukraine. He noted three main points:

  1. in many countries hemp is used for medicinal purposes;
  2. prescription drugs for hard drugs, such as morphine, are prescribed to Ukrainian patients;
  3. lifting the ban on cannabinoids will not lead to negative consequences if they are issued only as directed by a doctor.

Sidorenko believes that people suffering from serious illness should get access to marijuana. In particular, we are talking about patients with cancer, mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system. Victor suggests using a system of tight control over cannabis turnover to eliminate the likelihood of it entering the black market.

Narcologist Yuri Pakin claims that proponents of legalization hide the negative effects of cannabinoid use. According to him, cannabis is addictive much faster than alcohol: in 2-3 months in the case of regular use. At the same time, Pakin does not give the standard time for the occurrence of craving for alcohol. The doctor said that after smoking marijuana, a person develops depression, prompting him to take the drug again. In this regard, people begin to increase the dose, and they develop addiction syndrome. Nevertheless, Yuri endorses the use of cannabinoids as a medicine, since opium drugs are widely used in medicine.

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