Top 3 technology innovations for hemp consumers

Several technology companies have developed innovative products designed to simplify the process of smoking marijuana and processing raw materials. Our editors compiled the top 3 new products that have attracted the attention of the community due to their ease of use and efficiency.

OTTO chopper and rolling machine


Banana Brothers Launches OTTO Marijuana Grinding and Cigarette Filling Machine The device has two distinctive features:

  • OTTO grinds all varieties of cannabis for no more than 20 seconds;
  • The grinding process is controlled by software based on artificial intelligence, which controls the pressure, direction and speed of rotation of the knives.

In a glass flask located inside the device, you can insert an empty cigarette, tube or vaporizer. In this case, chopped marijuana will immediately fall into the smoking accessory. Manufacturers claim that the device always get the perfect self-roll. The eBay OTTO website costs from 7,077 to 11,516 rubles.

Vaporizer PAX 3


PAX 3 is a hybrid vaporizer that is suitable for both concentrates and marijuana. In the new version of the device, a special adapter for concentrates was added, which is inserted inside the device next to the marijuana camera. One charge is enough for 8-10 uses.

The main distinguishing feature of PAX 3 from its competitors is that it can be connected to the PAX Mobile mobile application via Bluetooth. The program allows you to fully control the process of soaring, setting the required temperature. The application has over 60 predefined settings optimized for specific cannabis strains.

PAX 3 is sold on the Vaporizer Shop website for 23 500 rubles with free shipping. The company gives an acrylic chopper as a gift. The warranty on the device is 10 years.

Decarboxylation Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator

Nova holds up to 28 grams of marijuana and from 142 to 170 grams of kif. The device is equipped with two sensors that monitor the temperature in the inner chamber. The device performs decarboxylation of cannabis in automatic mode and ensures that the raw materials do not burn. The process takes an hour and a half on average. After the cycle is completed, the green light on the device lights up.

Nova can be purchased on eBay for 15,759 rubles (plus 3,419 rubles for delivery to Russia). The device costs $ 220 on the Ardent website.

Why does hemp need to be decarboxylated?

In a decarboxylation, a chemical reaction occurs – decarboxylation, as a result of which the chemical properties of the plant product change. Fresh hemp raw materials contain tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol acids, which are precursors of THC and CBD. During heating, the acids lose the carboxyl group of COOH and turn into cannabinoids, therefore the psychoactive characteristics of marijuana and keep increase.

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